Land: Quality of Life the First European Land Stewardship Congress

More than 10 technical workshops and round tables are planned during the firsts days of the Congress that will be complemented by a complete programme of technical and social parallel activities  such poster exhibitions, video presentations and networking spaces.

These activities have been defined to promote an interactive discussion, generate ideas and encourage the exchange of experiences, best practices and knowledge between participants.

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New e-learning course on the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) The new course will be a follow up ....

European Foundations Initiative on Family Farming

Launched in 2014, this collaborative initiative seeks to contribute to raise the visibility of the family/smallholder farming agenda among foundations, increase awareness of the role and contribution of foundations and their partners in this area, and create opportunities for connecting philanthropic actors with key other stakeholders and international process on family farming. Some twenty foundations are involved in this initiative.

Territorial Cooperation meeting

Territorial cooperation initiative enters new stage

In December 2013 and April 2014 the Groupe de Bruges organised two successful conferences on the topic of ´territorial cooperation for the provision of public goods in the context of the new CAP´.

'Can EU CAP it?' Project launch

The platform will be functional from November 27, 2014. It will contain a game, free events and videos & a comprehensive e-learning course on the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union. 

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