Designing the path: a strategic approach to EU agricultural research and innovation

Challenges faced by agriculture and rural areas and the long-term character of research activities call for a strategic approach to research and innovation. European Commission organises a large conference to discuss how such a strategic approach could be implemented. The conference will close a half-year process kicked-off in Milan in June 2015. Final programme and documents and webstreaming links now on-line.

Conference objectives

The objectives of the conference will be to:

European Conference ‘Unlocking the Potential of the RDPs’

The invitation-only event will bring together all the national and regional Managing Authorities responsible for designing and implementing the RDPs and National Rural Networks’ (NRNs) representatives.

The main aims of the conference are to share experiences and to arrive at answers to the following questions:

Guest article by one of our members A.M. van Doorn and Th.C.P. Melman
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FREE WEBINAR: European Innovation Partnership - achieving more with less through innovation

To register, please follow this link:

Context about EIP: Five European Innovation Partnerships have been launched in the context of the Innovation Union. European Innovation Partnerships are a new approach to research and innovation. EIPs help to pool expertise and resources by bringing together public and private sectors at EU, national and regional levels, combining supply and demand side measures. How? You will find out in this webinar. 

Free Webinar on the topic of: Towards a rural renaissance: LEADER is leading the way!

We are organising a free webinar on September 29, 2015 via the 'Can EU CAP it?' Project, where all European citizens can engage in learning and discussing the oldest European policy: the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Topic is "Towards a rural renaissance: LEADER is leading the way!"

Format: 20 minute session will be followed by live 10 minute Q&A from participants.

Speaker: Bart Soldaat, a Groupe de Bruges secretary and a LEADER coordinator in The Netherlands.  


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