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Case study: Boerenkaas (Dutch Farmhouse Cheese) 2006 english ag-product-quality-policy_ec_nl.pdf
Communication on Agricultural product quality policy 2014 english ag-product-quality-policy_ec_en.pdf
Communicatoin sur la politique de qualite des produits agricoles 2009 french ag-product-quality-policy_ec_fr.pdf
Could CAP become a Common Sustainable Food Policy? 2010 english lang_tim_integrating_public_health_cap.pdf
Do the design and management of the geographical indications scheme allow it to be effective? 2011 english geogprahical_indications_scheme_eca.pdf
EU best practice guidelines for voluntary certification schemes for agricultural products and foodstuff 2010 english dgagri_guidelines_voluntary_certification_schemes.pdf
EU Rural Review - Agricultural product quality: a success factor for EU rural areas 2011 english enrd_rural_review8_organic_farmingquality_productsen.pdf
Green paper on Agricultural product quality: product standards, farming requirements and quality schemes 2008 english quality_food_products_greenpaper_ec_en.pdf
Guidelines on the labelling of foodstuffs using protected designation of origin (PDOs) or protected geographical indications (PGIs) as ingredients 2010 english dgagri_guidelines_labelling_pdo-pgi_products.pdf
Is Local Food Better? 2009 english is_local_food_better_s_deweerdt.doc
Local products have a healthy future english brochure_local_products.pdf
Petits agriculteurs et marches locaux dans le contexte de la politique europeenne de la qualite 2014 french note_sfqp_ga.pdf
Regulation 1151/2012 on quality schemes for agricultural products and foodstuffs 2012 english regulation_eu_no_1151-2012_quality_scheme_food_stuffs.pdf
Regulation for marketing standards 2010 english dgagri_marketingstandards_porposal.pdf
Regulation on Agricultural product quality policy 2010 english dgagri_agproductqualityschemes_proposal.pdf
Revue Rurale de l'EU - la qualite des produits agricoles: un facteur cle pour le succes des zones rurales de l'EU 2011 french redr_revue_rurale_agriculture_bioproduits_qualitefr.pdf
Sustainability evaluation of high value-added products 2008 english measuringsustainabilityofhighvalueaddedproducts.pdf
Territoires, produits et acteurs locaux: des liens de qualité - Guide pour promouvoirla qualité liée à l'origine et des indications géographiques durables 2011 english fao_quality_guidefr.pdf
Towards a common food policy for the European Union: A three-year participatory process of Deliberation, Research and Citizen Engagement 2016 english iped_cfp_conceptnote_final.pdf