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Infographics: The quality of life in rural areas and diversification of the rural economy english axis3_infographic_en.pdf
Cohesion policy 2014-2020 english cohesion_policy_2014-2020_local-developement_en.pdf
Links to CSF and partnership Contracts english csf_presentation_ec.ppt
An evolutionary approach to rural development - Some lessions for the Policymaker 2003 english paper20ljubljana20finale20apr03.pdf
ELO's proposition for an integrated rural development policy 2004 english elo_proposal_integrated_rural_development_policy.pdf
Consuming rural goods and services - A consumer-oriented comparative analysis 2004 english rurban2_-_lei.pdf
Europe's living countryside - Promoting policies for sustainable rural development 2005 english europes_living_countryside.pdf
The role of information and knowledge in rural development: A case from Slovenia 2006 english finskareferat_final240106.pdf
Rural areas under urban pressure: Case studies of rural-urban relationships across Europe 2006 english rural_areas_under_urban_pressure_-_lei.pdf
Changing "social functions" & the future of rural societies 2006 english contribution_greif.doc
Rural development conference: Rural areas - Current situation and future challenges (Background document) 2008 english enrd_background_document.pdf
Regions 2020: An assessment of future challenges for EU regions 2008 english regions2020_dg_regioen.pdf
Régions 2020: Évaluation des défis qui se poseront aux régions de l'UE 2008 french regions2020_dg_regiofr.pdf
Demographic challenges for European regions 2008 english regions2020_dg_regio_demographyen.pdf
Green Paper on Territorial Cohesion - Turning territorial diversity into strenght 2008 english dg_regio_green_paper.pdf
Blocks and industrial plants - The new "crops" of Transylvanian Rurbanity 2009 english sgt_rurban.pdf
Nature parks as planning objects within integrated regional development 2009 english natuure_pakrk_-_development_-_awi.pdf
Les clés d'une stratégie européenne pour le développement rural 2009 french note-developpement_rural-_mjouen_01.pdf
The keys to a European strategy for rural development 2009 english note-rural_development-mjouen-en_notre_europe.pdf
The climate change challenge for European Regions 2009 english regions2020_dg_regio_climateen.pdf